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Tim Crane (CEU)
What is religious belief?

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Many philosophers and other commentators think of religious belief as a combination of proto-cosmological belief and moral belief or moral precepts: a theory of the universe plus a theory of how to behave. This conception of religious belief does not seem to have room for what is one of the most obvious and central features of religion: religious practice. Why should a combination of cosmology and morality give rise to practices like going to church, mosque or synagogue? In this talk I sketch an alternative conception of religious belief that gives an answer to this question.

Kommentátor: Szabados Bettina (BTK FI)

Helyszín: 1097 Budapest, Tóth Kálmán u. 4,  B.7.16. (Trapéz terem)
Időpont: 2020. január 21. (kedd) 14 óra