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senior research fellow

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History of Ancient and Early Modern Philosophy

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+36 1 224 6700/4188
Research area


Early modern philosophy, late scholasticism, philosophy of mind

Research project


OTKA 125012 The Cartesian Mind between Cognition and Extension (senior participant)

OTKA 123939 Intentionality - ancient, early modern, contemporary analitic (senior participant)



Institute of Philosophy, Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Budapest–Piliscsaba (Hungary)

Selected publications from the last five years


(2023). Schmal D. (szerk.), A kozmosz, a szellem és az állati lélek: René Descartes és Henry More levelezése. Budapest, Gondolat Kiadó.

(2023). Schmal D., "Descartes on the Eucharistic Presence." In: Gyula Klima (szerk.), The Metaphysics and Theology of the Eucharist. A Historical-Analytical Survey of the Problems of the Sacrament. Cham: Springer. 393–415.

(2022). Schmal D., "Representation, Reflection, and Self-Esteem in the Amour Pur Debate." Intellectual History Review. 32/1. 89–111.

(2021). Schmal D., ""Vegetative Epistemology": Francis Glisson on the Self-Referential Nature of Life." In: Fabrizio Baldassarri – Andreas Blank (eds.), Vegetative Powers. Dordrecht, Springer. 347–363.

(2020). Schmal D., "Virtual reflection: Antoine Arnauld on Descartes’ Concept of Conscientia." British Journal for the History of Philosophy. 28/4. 714–734.