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Email: mester.bela at abtk.hu


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Hungarian Philosophy

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+ 36 1 224 6700/4191
Research area


Early modern political philosophy, History of philosophy of "the long 19th century"

Research project


2012–2017  (OTKA K 104 643) Narratives of the History of Hungarian Philosophy (1792–1947), principal investigator; the whole budget of the project: 9.480.000,-Ft

2013–2018  (OTKA K 108 670) Arts and Scholarship in the Service of the Nation-building in the Nineteenth-Century Hungary, a member of the research group

2014–2016  The Impact of Noble Legacy in Shaping Citizenship in Central Europe, Polish-Hungarian bilateral program, a member of the research group

2016–2018  Conception of Creative City within Central Europe. Historical Images and Empirical Indices, Lithuanian-Hungarian bilateral program, a member of the research group

2017–2019  The role of intelligentsia in shaping collective identities of Poles and Hungarians in 19th and 20th centuries, Polish-Hungarian bilateral program, principal investigator on the Hungarian side; budget for 2018: 550.000,-Ft

2018–2020  Mohács 1526–2026 – Reconstruction and Historical Recollection, Research Centre for the Humanities of the HAS – University of Pécs; a member of the research group




Selected publications from the last five years


Mester, Béla 2018. The Role of Aesthetics in the Works of a Professor at a Calvinist College: A Case Study on József Rozgonyi (1756–1823). In: Balogh, Piroska; Fórizs, Gergely (eds.) Anthropologische Ästhetik in Mitteleuropa 1750–1850 – Anthropological Aesthetics in Central Europe 1750–1850. Hannover: Wehrhahn Verlag, 197–210.

Mester, Béla 2015. The Scriptures in Hungarian in Early Modernity. European Review, 23/3. 321–331.

Mester, Béla 2015. József Rozgonyi’s Critique of Kant. In: Waibel, L Violetta (ed.) Detours: Approaches to Immanuel Kant in Vienna, in Austria, and in Eastern Europe. Vienna: Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht, 191–201.

Mester, Béla 2015. Hungarian Cartesians in the Mirror of the Historiographical Narratives. Hungarian Philosophical Review, 59/2. 125–139.

Mester, Béla 2014. Th. Hobbes’ visible rhetoric: A case study of history of political ideas. Creativity Studies, 7/2. 98–107.