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Philosophy of physics

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+36 1 224 6700/4169
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Foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum logic, Bell theorems, probabilistic causality, Reichenbachian common cause principle, metaphysics of probability, philosophy and history of modern physics.

Research project


Rethinking the foundations of probability, causality, and contextuality: applications in physics and beyond. (NKFIH K134275)



Philosophy of quantum mechanics, philosophy and history of probability and causality, foundations of statistical physics, logic, epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of science.

Selected publications from the last five years


(2024). Hofer-Szabó G., "Sequential measurements and the Kochen-Specker arguments," Journal for General Philosophy, (forthcoming) (PhilSci)

(2022). Hofer-Szabó G., "Two concepts of noncontextuality in quantum mechanics," Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 93, 21-29. (PhilSci)

(2021). Hofer-Szabó G. "Causal contextuality and contextuality-by-default are different concepts," Journal of Mathematical Phychology, 104, 102590.

(2021). Hofer-Szabó G., "Three noncontextual hidden variable models for the Peres-Mermin square," European Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 11, 30. (PhilSci)

(2021). P. Fazekas, B. Gyenis, G. Hofer-Szabó, G. Kertész, "A dynamical systems approach to causation," Synthese, 198, 6065-6087. (Philarchive)