Gábor Szabó is giving a talk on the 2nd of November at the Department of Philosophy of Harvard University entitled ""On Bell's notion of local causality in local classical and quantum theory"; and he is also giving a talk on the 6th of November at the biennial meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association in Chicago, entitled "Local causality for philosophers". The program of the conference is available here.

Prof. Ferenc Hörcher gave a paper at the international conference in Rome, Italy, entitled Sources of the Civic: Catholic Higher Education and Democracy in Europe, organised by Notre Dame University, USA, 26-27 September, 2014 (the programme is available here). The title of Prof. Hörcher's paper was: “Justice and the Common Good: Classical Christian and Contemporary Accounts”.

The 1st workshop of the Budapest-Krakow Research Group on Probability, Causality and Determinism, jointly sponsored by the Hungarian and the Polish Academy of Sciences, took place in the beginning of this week, hosted by the Institute of Philosophy of HAS RCH.

The workshop covered a variety of topics that formed the basis of past as well as present collaborations between the researchers. Topics included indeterminism in general relativity, foundational analysis of the notion of correlation, relationship of causal set theory and branching spacetimes, Bayesian learning theory, the Borel-Kolmogorov paradox, accuracy-centered formal approaches to epistemology, the dynamical systems approach to causality, and common cause closedness.

The talks, which were being held in the Pepita Room at the Orszaghaz street building, were attended by philosophers of science based at various Hungarian universities, as well as several experts of other institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (notably from physics and mathematics). Talks were followed by informal discussion sessions, joint meals and night programs. The second installation of the workshop is going to take place in Krakow, Poland, in the beginning of December 2014; see the homepage of the research group and the schedules here.

The following events have taken place at the Insitute of Philosophy in 2013:

19th March:
Seminar Series of the Institute
Béla Mester: Propylaeumok a magyar filozófia történetéhez (Propylaeums for the History of Hungarian Philosophy)

22nd March:
Seminar Series of the Research Group for the History and Philosophy of Science
Roman Frigg (LSE): Reconsidering Reductionism in Statistical Mechanics

26th March:
Seminar Series of the Institute
Gábor Gyáni: A történész mint bíró - A történeti ítélkezésről (The Historian as a Judge - On Historical Judgement)

27th March:
Seminar Series of the Institute
Ryszard Legutko: Is There Such a Thing as European Democracy?

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