Ferenc Hörcher presents a paper entitled The Poetry of the Past: Oakeshott’s Uncommon Rhetoric of Common Sense Conservatism in Lisbon on 21 September 2019. The talk of our Institute's senior fellow is part of the 10th Anniversary Conference of the international Michael Oakeshott Association, held at the Institute of Political Studies of the Catholic University of Portugal. The programme of the conference is available here.


Paul Gopal-Chowdhury, Portrait of Michael Oakeshott (Image: Gaius & Caius College, University of Cambridge)

The Research Group for Philosophy of Physics, Institute of Philosophy, RCH, cordially invites you to its interdisciplinary workshop on

Physics Meets Philosophy 5:  ''On what there is''

Venue: 4 Tóth Kálmán str., 1094 Budapest, B.7.16. (seminar room)
Date: 23 September 2019 (Monday)

For details see the webpage of the workshop.

Gábor Hofer-Szabó and Márton Gömöri are giving talks at the 7th Biennial Meeting of the European Philosophy of Science Association held on 11-14 September at the University of Geneva. Gábor Hofer-Szabó's talk is titled "Commutativity, simultaneous measurability, and contextuality in the Kochen-Specker arguments"; Márton Gönöri's talk is titled "A Causal Account of Initial Distributions."

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