We are proud to announce that Zuh Deodáth, postdoctoral fellow at our Institute, had been awarded the Arnold Hauser Prize. The award ceremony took place at Bartók-room of the Institute of Musicology RCH, HAS on the 9th of November 2017.

Arnold Hauser, theoerist and sociologist of art is the eponym of the prize established by his widow, Rózsa Borus in 1980s. The basic intention behind this form of recognition was to promote the followers of Hauser’s synthetic style of theorizing with prestigious publications in the field of a broadly conceived history of philosophy, art, and intellectuals. This prize was awarded every two or four years following its establishment under the auspecies of the Hauser Arnold Foundations’ Board of Trustees. The Boards has been presided succesively by Miklós Szabolcsi, Béla Németh G., and, currently, by Ernő Marosi. For the list of Hauser Arnold Prize laureates see link.

The Resarch Group for the History and Philosophy of Science, Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences cordially invites you to the upcoming talk of its seminar series:

Dr. Ruth Boeker (University College Dublin):
Does the Soul Always Think? Locke and his Early Critics and Defenders on Consciousness and Sleep

Date of the event: 30th October 2017., 17:00
Venue of the event: 4. Tóth Kálmán st., Budapest, 1097; 7th floor

Ferenc Hörcher presents a paper on 12 October 2017 in Porto, Portugal, at the conference Philosophy of The City 2017, Universidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal, October 11-13. His talk is entitled: Philosophers as City Magistrates in Early Modern Europe, and deals with the theory and practice of Machiavelli, Montaigne and Althusius in a comparative manner.

The Institute of Philosophy, RCH HAS cordially invites you to its conference organized within the framework of the bilateral research project "Conception of Creative City within Central Europe: Historical Images and Empirical indices", supported by the Lithuanian and Hungarian Academies of Sciences:

Modern Capitals and Historical Peripheries

Gábor Kovács, Institute of Philosophy, Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Institute of English and American Studies, University of Debrecen
Tomas Kačerauskas, Department of Philosophy and Communication, Faculty of Creative Industries, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Date: 20-21 October 2017
Venue: 4 Tóth Kálmán st., Budapest, 1097

The program of the conference is available here. For futher information about the research project see link.

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