Ádám Tamás Tuboly is giving a talk on "The 1940-45 Neurath-Carnap correspondence and its philosohical significance" (joint talk with Jordi Cat, Indiana University) at HOPOS 2018 held on 9-12 July in Groningen. The program of the congress is available here.

Gábor Hofer-Szabó and Márton Gömöri are giving talks at The 19th UK and European Conference on Foundations of Physics held on 10-13 July at the University of Utrecht. Gábor Szabó's talk is on "What is quantum contextuality, and what is not?"; Márton Gönöri's talk is on "Why do initial conditions in an actual sequence of experiments approximately follow the uniform distribution over phase space with respect to the Lebesgue measure?"

László Bernáth, young research fellow of the Institute of Philosophy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, won the János Bolyai Research Fellowship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences between 2018-2021. His research, „The Source of Moral Responsibility”, attempts to elaborate a decision-centered theory of moral responsibility according to which one can be morally responsible only for her decisions and their consequences. The novelty of the research plan is that it aims to elaborate a decision-centered theory on the basis of ethical principles instead of relying mainly on metaphysical intuitions or thought-experiments despite the fact that philosophers who grounded their theories mainly on ethical intuitions and principles tended to reject decision-centered theories. Based on the results, the research addresses also the issues about the compatibility of determinism and moral responsibility, and the challenges of contemporary neurosciences.

Balázs Gyenis, research fellow of the Philosophy of Physics Research Group of the Institute of Philosophy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, will become London School of Economics' "Fellow in Philosophy of Physics". Besides continuing his research in London he will teach two philosophy of science courses at the Department of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method at LSE in the 2018/19 academic year. Congratulations!

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