Research projects

MTA BTK Lendület Morals and Science Research Group. Research group leader: Tamás Demeter
From Phenomenal Facts to Philosophical Theories. OTKA-number: K 132 911
Principal Investigator: Zsuzsanna Kondor
The Edition of the Correspondence of József Eötvös II. OTKA-number: K 131 564 (BTK TTI, Principal Investigator: András Cieger)
Senior researcher from the Institute of Philosophy: Gábor Gángó
The Metaphysical Foundations of Physics from a Formal Perspective. OTKA-number: K 115 593
Principal Investigator: Gábor Szabó
The Intellectual History of the City. Principal Investigator: Ferenc Hörcher
The Historical Constitution of Hungary. Principal Investigator: Ferenc Hörcher (cooperating partner: University of London, School of Slavonic and East European Studies)
Mohács 1526-2026 - Reconstruction and Memorance. HAS Research Centre for the Humanities - University of Pécs. Principal Investigator: Pál Fodor, Norbert Pap. Participants from the Institute of Philosophy: Gábor Kovács, Béla Mester
The Edition of the Correspondence of József Eötvös. (2015-2019) OTKA-number: K 112 137
Principal Investigator: Gábor Gángó
The role of intelligentsia in shaping collective identities of Poles and Hungarians in 19th and 20th centuries (2017-2019)
Principal Investigator on the Hungarian side: Béla Mester
Conception of Creative City within Central Europe. Historical Images and Empirical Indices (2016-2018)
Principal Investigator on the Hungarian side: Gábor Kovács
Narratives of the History of Hungarian Philosophy. (2012-2017) OTKA-number: K 104 643
Principal Investigator: Béla Mester
Arts and Scholarship in the Service of the Nation-building in the Nineteenth-Century Hungary (2013-2017)
Principal Investigators: Gábor Gyáni and Péter Dávidházi
The Budapest-Krakow Research Group on Probability, Causality and Determinism (2014-2016)
Researchers: Balázs Gyenis, Gábor Szabó
The Impact of Noble Legacy in Shaping Citizenship in Central Europe (2014-2016)
Researcher: Gábor Gángó